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What Students are Saying

I appreciate the clarity and simplicity in the stages of aerodynamic equation development. I will frequently revisit the course to grasp more.

Taténda Chitsiwa (France)

The courses offer a lot of in depth content from subject matter experts not typically available on MOOCs from other platforms.

Alex Bondoux (Pennsylvania, USA)

I was struggling with the Aerodynamics/flight mechanics course at school. I was Youtubing a lot of videos and most of them weren't as straightforward. Nobody's explanations came even close to how Doug breaks down this material and how he is so thorough with the concepts. His knowledge of Aerodynamics is very in-depth and has given me the courage to question lots of abstract ideas and find answers. My test grade improved substantially after watching a few of his videos. I cannot recommend these videos enough. God bless and thank you for this great work.

Aziz Stanezia (California, USA)

These classes are phenomenal. Having them available online is so helpful for first time aerodynamics students and for those who need a review. I really enjoyed the whiteboard style teaching that was used and prefer it over the slides based approach of many online classes. I would recommend these classes to anyone who is seeking a deep understanding of aerodynamics and a solid foundation for solving the complex problems of aerospace.

Sam Weiss (Texas, USA)

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