Introduction to Aircraft Design

Design an aircraft and get your questions answered during 8 live sessions

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About the class

This is an 8-week course that covers the basics of aircraft design. We start with fundamental concepts of why aircraft fly, work through the steps of designing an aircraft and include hands-on experience with helpful aircraft design software and methods. During the course, you will design your own free-flight glider, and through the process, learn about aerodynamics, trim, stability, dynamics, and structural constraints. On the last day of the course we'll have a friendly fly-off competition in a flight simulator to test your design!

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What will you learn?

Class Structure

The course is taught in a flipped classroom setting, which means you'll watch about 2 hours of lecture outside of class each week, and then come to class to work with us on your own designs. We'll guide you through the process in a very interactive atmosphere. In addition to learning these concepts, you'll meet incredible people who have similar interests and make life-long friendships. We'll be there every step of the way, answering questions and supporting you on this exciting journey!


In order to be successful in this course, you will need the following:

In this course we use intuitive computing software for aerodynamic design and analysis. Nothing to be afraid of in terms of complexity or math intensity.

What Students are Saying

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I've taken two live courses, and I strongly recommend both of them. I learned way more than I thought that I would. The idea of flipped classroom is something that I really enjoyed. The content was amazing.

Burbank, California

It was better than my expectations. Even if you think you know this stuff, take it anyway.

Littleton, Colorado

It gave me good intuition into general aircraft sizing and layout and design. It really connected a lot of the dots. I thought the class was great, and I have no regrets.

Brisbane, Australia

I'm not an engineer, and I just thought - I'm way out of my field here. I kept up with the work and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rosmand, California

The thing I wish was [that] I had this course my freshman year in college. It showed a lot more aspects than you usually understand early in your career about different things that you can specialize in for aircraft design.

Dallas, Texas

You had the opportunity to go through the presentations at your pace, and any questions that might crop up, you could get amplified during live sessions.

Watch a final course competition

Check out the final fly off from a previous course!

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