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Full Courses (8 weeks)

Introduction to Aircraft Design

Topics Include
Airfoil Analysis
Wing Sizing
Aircraft Trim
Design Competition

Wing Design and Optimization

Topics Include
Airfoil Database Creation
MachUp X
Python Optimization
Optimum Lift Distributions
Planform, Reynolds Number, and Stall Effects
Design Competition

Short Courses (4 weeks)

Introduction to XFOIL

Learn the basics of airfoil design and analysis using XFOIL

Electric Propulsion

Learn to properly select motors, batteries, and propellers

Introduction to MachUp X

Learn the basics of wing design and analysis using MachUp X

Airfoil Analysis using CFD

Learn to run airfoil simulations in

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What Students are Saying

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I've taken two live courses, and I strongly recommend both of them. I learned way more than I thought that I would. The idea of flipped classroom is something that I really enjoyed. The content was amazing.

Burbank, California

It was better than my expectations. Even if you think you know this stuff, take it anyway.

Littleton, Colorado

It gave me good intuition into general aircraft sizing and layout and design. It really connected a lot of the dots. I thought the class was great, and I have no regrets.

Brisbane, Australia

I'm not an engineer, and I just thought - I'm way out of my field here. I kept up with the work and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rosmand, California

The thing I wish was [that] I had this course my freshman year in college. It showed a lot more aspects than you usually understand early in your career about different things that you can specialize in for aircraft design.

Dallas, Texas

You had the opportunity to go through the presentations at your pace, and any questions that might crop up, you could get amplified during live sessions.

I found Dr. Doug's way of explaining these topics to be the exact right combination of clear and precise.

Dan S., Littleton, Colorado

Doug does an amazing job describing aerodynamic concepts that I've seen reference to as a pilot, but never really understood. He has a true skill keeping the math at the heart of this involved but not overwhelming to a non-engineer.

Brian F., San Luis Obispo, California

Probably some of the best things that have ever happened to you in life,
happened because you said yes to something.
Otherwise things just sort of stay the same. 

Danny Wallace

Past Live Courses

Introduction to Aircraft Design

January - March 2022

Registered students can access the course here:

Watch the final competition here.

Introduction to Aircraft Design

January - March 2023

Registered students can access the course here:

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Wing Design and Optimization

April - May 2023

Registered students can access the course here:

You may still purchase a recording of this class:

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