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Lilienthal Glider Competition

Hopefully coming soon. :)

On August 9, 1896, the “Glider King,” Otto Lilienthal, took his last flight. He had completed over 2,000 successful glider flights. Unfortunately, this fateful flight ended in a severe accident, which took his life. We often hear about the Wright Brothers and their incredible work on manned flight. However, they stood on the shoulders of the work of Otto Lilienthal.

In his honor, AeroAcademy is holding the very first international virtual glider competition. We invite you to join the fun! Design a glider, submit it for the competition, watch your glider fly in a simulator, and have a blast learning about aircraft design!

Additional information is forthcoming, including competition rules, free cloud-based software for designing your glider, and access to a simulator to test your glider before the competition. Sign up now to reserve your spot in the competition and be the first to receive updates as they come out.

This competition is ideal for:

You’ll naturally build skills including the following:

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